What to see and do in Ronda: Three places you can’t miss on your trip to the city

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Have you thought about your next trip? To give you an idea, we wanted to highlight Ronda. This town, located in the province of Málaga, is one of the best examples of Andalusian charm. It undoubtedly has a cultural, intangible, and architectural heritage gathered in an enclave that you should know. Discover in our guide what to do in Ronda.

What you can’t miss in Ronda

If you don’t know what to visit in Ronda, discover here the options we have prepared for you.

The New Bridge and the Balcón del Coño

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The New Bridge was built between the mid and late 18th century. This iconic bridge was the tallest in the world until 1839. It divides the town into two parts, as the Guadalevín River runs right below it. It is undoubtedly a must-see for tourists. We recommend viewing it from different viewpoints to appreciate its beauty.

The Balcón del Coño has a very peculiar name. According to popular tradition, it is because when someone looks out, the first expression they usually say is “coño, what a view!”. This viewpoint is located on the wall, offering breathtaking views to visitors. Find more information about the Balcón del Coño here.

The Bullring

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The Royal Cavalry Order of Ronda’s bullring is one of the most important in all of Spain. This historic building was declared a cultural interest site. It was built in 1785.

In its beginnings, it was used to practice horse handling. Additionally, this space was used for bullfighting. With this combination, a spectacle was created in which riders trained against bulls.

The Viewpoint

what to see and do in Ronda

By the Alameda del Tajo area, we find the Ronda viewpoint. It offers fabulous views of the area’s landscape and the town. It is a must-visit stop that we invite you to visit during sunset to end the day in a quieter setting. In short, it is one of the places to visit in Ronda with significant historical importance.

Plans to do in Ronda: Visit the wineries of Ronda

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Do you know what to do in Ronda in one day? In Ronda and Málaga, you can take the wine route. This route can be done through guided visits to different wineries. Reservations must be made in advance to check availability. On this route, there are wineries where you can enjoy a tasting of four to five wines.

In the various wine tastings at the wineries, you will appreciate the essence of Ronda’s land. You will taste wines with personality, intense or smooth, that will undoubtedly captivate you as a taster. During guided tours, there will be an explanation of the history and different plots or facilities that a winery has. You can also learn about the different varieties they work with or the types of barrels in the wineries.

Some visits may include stops at a vineyard near the winery. It is even possible to observe the complete winemaking process and aging in barrels. The winery visit in Ronda usually lasts from one to two hours, depending on the services each winery offers and the size of the facilities.

Things to do in Ronda: Visit the Doña Felisa Winery

This family business, founded in 1999, is surrounded by three natural parks: Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra de Grazalema, and Alameda del Tajo. Additionally, it is near the Roman ruins of Acinipo. This is another popular activity to do in Ronda.

Apart from the beautiful views of its surroundings, this enclave has a special microclimate that favors the numerous products obtained from its land. The climate can change from morning to night with a difference of 20 degrees.

At the winery, we perform fieldwork by hand without using large machinery. You will be surprised to know that we do not use products on the vines that could harm the environment. We take care of the plantations by manually harvesting the grapes at night. This way, we ensure that the grapes arrive at the winery in optimal conditions and at the ideal temperature, thus avoiding unwanted spontaneous fermentations.

At the Doña Felisa Winery, we offer customers different types of wine depending on the grape used. These include tempranillo, sauvignon blanc, syrah, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, garnacha, petit verdot, graciano, and tintilla de Rota.

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At the winery, you will find different vineyards where we cultivate grape varieties. Each vineyard has a specific name:

  • Chinchilla, located at an altitude of 840 meters. Tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot are cultivated here.
  • Molino de Arco, located at an altitude of 810 meters. Cabernet sauvignon and garnacha are cultivated here. This was the first vineyard of the winery where the vine was placed in a vertical axis.
  • Cortijo de San Juan, located at an altitude of 810 meters. In this vineyard, we obtain the range of white wines from the winery, although red is also cultivated.
  • Amaya, established at an altitude of 900 meters. It is the latest plantation we have carried out.
  • Panta, located at an altitude of 760 meters. Here, tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and syrah are cultivated.
  • Alí, planted at an altitude of 700 meters. The tempranillo variety is cultivated here.

In addition to offering a wide variety of wines to customers, the winery has 4 fully equipped suites with spectacular vineyard landscapes. This undoubtedly makes for a perfect occasion to celebrate an anniversary, a business trip, or a getaway with friends.

On the other hand, we offer guided tours with wine tasting. A visit includes tasting four wines with a selection of local tapas. Generally, the approximate duration is 90 minutes and takes place from Monday to Sunday at 11:30 AM. If you wish to visit us, you will find us at Cordel del Puerto al Quejigal.

After showing you what to do in Ronda, we invite you to visit the town. You will be able to learn about the history of our region and, above all, take a tour of the areas of greatest oenological interest. With our guided tours, you will discover a new richness of this country and delight your palate.